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We are excited to have over 50 different amazing events at the convention.

Download the 2012 Friday/Saturday Schedule
Download the 2012 Sunday Schedule

Information on events for our 2012 anime con are in the above guides. Printed copies will be available at the convention. Event descriptions should give you an idea of some of the exciting things happening at the convention! Some of the highlight events are listed below for your convenience.

  • Anime Screenings
  • Free Soda
  • Free Ramen / ConSuite
  • How To Be A Voice Actor
  • Board Breaking
  • Anime Game Shows
  • Martial Arts Demonstrations
  • Two Rave Dances
  • Origami 101
  • AMVs for Dummies
  • Cosplay Tips
  • Yuri + Yaoi
  • Mainstage Cosplay Contest
  • Friday Afternoon Date Auction
  • Friday Night Formal Ball
  • Saturday Afternoon Masquerade
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