Frequently Asked Questions

What is an anime convention?
An anime convention brings together fans of the artwork styles found in Japanese animation. Anime conventions focus on things like dressing up in costumes, going to panels, having fun, and meeting other anime fans. Anime conventions are a celebration of Japanese culture and art.

Why Valentine's Weekend?
This was one of the best weekends we could get. We will be able to have a lot of fun with the valentine's theme - and we bet your special someone would love to attend. And if you don't have one, maybe you can meet someone here!

Why do you list the dates as February 16-19? Aren't most conventions only 3 days?
We have our hotel space from 1pm Thursday to 1pm Monday. We will be setting up most of Thursday afternoon, but we will have time to have some panels and start showing anime - which will last through Sunday afternoon. The bulk of our events will, as usual, be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

How big will the convention be?
We had between 300 and 400 attendees last year. This year we're happily expecting several hundred folks to join us for an awesome weekend! We have total space for up to 1000 attendees in our event rooms at a time, so we could have a fun, small, inexpensive con with some awesome guests!

Why plan so many conventions?
There's not much to do for anime cons in the winter. We want to give fans a fun place to go during the slow time between other summer conventions.

Why Cedar Rapids and not Des Moines?
Several of our staff members are on the east side of Iowa, making running a convention to the west very difficult. We wouldn't have the ability to research hotels and all the needed setup since we are not in the area. If you have a group of friends that wants a convention in your area, we might be able to help you put on a local mini-con as a promotional event.

What is your relation with QC Anime-zing!?
We are the same people. Anime-SPARK! is a smaller scale version of QC Anime-zing!

What is your relation with AnimeIowa?
We love attending AnimeIowa, and they inspired us to start conventions. One of our staff members is on AnimeIowa's staff, several of our staff members are AnimeIowa volunteers, and the rest are just AnimeIowa attendees. We encourage you to attend AnimeIowa each and every year.

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